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Let us help you take the stress out of property management.

We provide trained and qualified virtual assistant property managers (VA PMs) for the property management industry in the USA without the USA price tag.

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You have two main options with OSSI VAs.
Use this guide to help you determine which route to go.

Are you hiring a VA for the first time?

Have you hired a VA in the past without real success?

Have you outsourced a VA in the past but don’t feel you got real value?

If your answer is yes to any of these questions,  outsource an OSSI-managed VA.

Already have a successful VA team at your company,  and just looking to recruit additional staff? 

If yes, then just hire OSSI to find an awesome VA to join your team.

VA Plus and VA Super

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VA Profile

Fully-supported and carefully managed VAs for a lot less than the competition.

VA Recruitment

VA Recruitment

VA Recruitment

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Why outsource a managed VA?

Because the culture gap is real. We are very proud of our VAs and they want to provide great work for you, but the truth is that cultural differences, learning curves, and working together only virtually can impact their success.

Having a team leader and full HR support is crucial. It allows the VA to have a sense of belonging and a means to get help when they need it.

Allow OSSI to bridge that culture gap until such trust is built and you are both confident in your work relationship.

Have questions? Not sure what you need?

Schedule an appointment.

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VA Recruitment Only

Why recruit a VA through OSSI?

Our Recruitment Team is well-experienced and dedicated to the one task of finding you the perfect VA.

Recruiting a VA from across the globe by trial and error can be costly in terms of both money and time. Allow us to save you the trouble.

We know the Philippine virtual assistant job market extremely well. Our pool is large, and our system is perfectly set up to produce only highly qualified VAs.

VA Recruitment Only, No Guarantees $1699
VA Recruitment Only, WITH Guarantees $1999

VA Testimonial

Have questions? Not sure what you need? Schedule an appointment.