NARPM Broker Owner Conference 2013 was a Huge Success!

I attended the 2013 NARPM Broker Owner Conference in Las Vegas last week and really enjoyed it! There were great speakers and lots of open panel discussions and round tables which led to a massive exchange of information.

Here’s a video I put together of the event using iMovie’s ‘Trailer’ template:

As you see in the video, there were over 400 NARPM broker owners attending the event – an impressive turn out.

I spoke on Video for Property Managers and got a great response, with lots of people asking about how to begin using video at their company.

As our existing clients know, it’s easier than you think! Equipment, Lessons and Practice is all it takes… and of course our video training and video optimization service goes a long way to making clients videos look professional.

NARPM Broker Owners Are Interested in Reputation Marketing

NARPM Broker OwnerWhat surprised me was the turn out and feedback for my presentation on ‘Reputation MARKETING’!

So many people commented afterwards that they were excited about learning not only how to develop a 5 Star Reputation, but then also MARKET that reputation!

Have a look around my property management website for an example of how we market our reputation.

NARPM Broker Owners Interviewed

So, if you’re wondering whether to attend next years event? GO! Look forward to seeing you there…

Todd Breen

NARPM Broker Owner Conference 2013