360° Video Training for Property Walkthrough Videos

Learn how to shoot your own 360 degree walkthrough video tours to use to market your properties for rent or for sale

Purchasing an affordable camera

Using a camera that costs around $400 you can start shooting your own 360 degree video tours

Setting up your 360° camera

Learn how to set up your camera

Setting up your second shot

After you have your first shot, how do you set up for the next one

How many scans do you do per property

We show an example of where we scanned a home and why we picked the locations we did for the scans.

Filming mirrors and closets

Learn how to film closets and mirrors for your property video tour.

How to film balconies

Learn how to film any balconies that your property has for your 360 video tour.

Don't forget the inside of the closet

Learn how to film the insides of a closet that your property has for your 360 video tour.

Filming the back of the property

Learn how to film outside features your home video tour.

Filming the front of the property

Learn how to film the front of the home using a 360 photo for your video tour.

Draw lines on cabinets and mirrors

Now that you have finished scanning your 360 video, you can do a little fine tuning using the app.

Take your videos to the next level with OPTIMIZATION

A correctly optimized video can make all the difference in your video being found. Our team members are the experts in property management video optimization.