Property Management
Call Center

50%-75% of callers that hit a voicemail hang up without leaving a message.

What has your voicemail cost you?

Management Leads

Negative Reviews

Longer Days on Market

Patience of Callers

While current clients and tenants will leave a voicemail due to the fact that their already contractually obligated to work with someone who’s unreachable, people who are unfamiliar with your business (New Management Leads & Prospective Tenants) who are reaching out for information are likely to keep moving down the list until they get a live answer.

How do we handle calls?

Any combination of the following:

Warm Transfer

We determine the type of call, we call the extension of that department, when connected we give the information to your team to determine whether they’d like us to connect the call or to take a message.

Cold Transfer

Once we’ve determined the type of call we forward them directly to the appropriate extension.

Message Triage

(Great for Evenings & Weekends)

We collect contact info & reason for calling and email it to the correct department.

Leasing Line Service

$97 per month
First 50 Minutes Free!
$.60 per minute after the first 50 minutes,
(billed in 6 second increments)
$20/additional script/local number
30-day Money Back Guarantee