YouTube Time Watched Analytics

YouTube Time Watched AnalyticsSo why should you care about the YouTube Time Watched Analytics?

YouTube Time Watched Analytics

According to the YouTube Creator Blog, videos that capture the attention of viewers in a way that increases viewing time on YouTube are being rewarded in YouTube search.

This is in addition to the changes they made in March of 2012 with regards to Suggested Videos as well as YouTube Analytics in an attempt to improve the discovery feature.

Your YouTube Videos and Channel

If you have a YouTube channel full of videos that drive YouTube traffic up, you are going to see some extra benefits. Keep this in mind when creating videos that capture the viewers’ attention.

Check your channel’s Time Watched report in YouTube Analytics to discover how your videos are performing. Are people watching the whole video?

Use the time watched stats to determine which videos perform better

  • Longer average views
  • Better viewer retention
  • Contribute to longer viewing sessions on YouTube

YouTube Time Watched Analytics