Meet the Leadership Team

Todd Breen Property Management Speaker


Todd first worked in the family real estate business at the age of 6 (they started young back in those days). By the time he graduated college in 1985, he'd worked on the family portfolio as a handyman, property manager and bookkeeper. Purchasing Home Property Management from his father in 1993 was quite a milestone, and he's never looked back!

A recognized speaker, trainer and innovator, Todd loves looking for simple ways to improve the life of property managers. It's this 30+ years of managing property that make our services well-loved by so many property managers.


EVE A General Manager

EVE - General Manager

Eve provides to VirtuallyinCredible her expertise in customer service, quality assurance, training and development, and business management. She was assigned to lead the Tenant Screening Service shortly after joining VirtuallyinCredible, and with her strong influence and ability to consistently deliver business results, she now serves as the General Manager. Eve is responsible for strategy, structure, budgets, people, financial outcomes and scorecard metrics.

Eve is a nature lover who collects all sorts of plants and rocks and plans to start a landscaping business. She spends her free time designing wedding gowns and planning events.


LOGAN BREEN - Business Development Manager

Logan worked summers in the family property management business since the age of 12, starting by scanning all of the paper files into the company's first network filing. As he got older he started doing the annual inspections, and eventually worked as a leasing agent. Now transitioning into the outsourcing side of the business, Logan has worked with VirtuallyinCredible since 2015 and leads the Sales & Marketing team.

Logan loves spending time with his family at the beach, and fishing or riding bicycles through the state parks. He also enjoys riding his Harley Davidson across the country with friends.

MEGAN BREEN, Director of Marketing

MEGAN BREEN - Director of Marketing

Megan, is 3rd generation property manager and has over 5 years of experience in the industry. As a property manager herself, Megan understands the ins and outs of the industry and is devoted to making a difference in our clients lives by helping them earn more and love life!

Outside of work, Megan enjoys boating, FL beaches, and spending time with her family & friends.


JOVIE - Operations Manager, VA Placement Service

Jovie brought over 10 years of experience in customer service and management to VirtuallyinCredible's Leasing Line Service in 2015. She moved into different roles shortly after joining the VirtuallyinCredible. Her contributions led her to be the Operations Manager of the Leasing Line Service to the Tenant Screening Service and now the VA Placement Service.

Jovie enjoys her free time watching her favorite TV shows and movies, playing with her dogs, and going out-of-town with her family. She loves serene beaches and nature's scenery for relaxation.


AILEEN  - Operations Manager, Phone Tenders

Since joining VirtuallyinCredible in 2016, Aileen has steadily risen to the ranks until ultimately becoming the Operations Manager of our call center. Her hard work and dedication to meeting and exceeding our client's needs cannot go unnoticed! Ai loves cooking native and homemade delicacies from scratch and even co-owns a small food store in town. The best thing to do after a good meal is to curl up with her family and her American bully named Stingray and enjoy their favorite TV series.

Marlyn- Operations, Manager, Video SEO Service

MARLYN - Operations, Manager, Video SEO Service

Marlyn has been in the BPO industry for over 10 years. She started with VirtuallyinCredible in 2019 as a regular agent and worked her way up. Marlyn believes that challenges make life interesting, and overcoming those challenges make life meaningful. In her spare time, Marlyn enjoys watching movies. She also loves taking long drives because it is one of the simplest and most therapeutic ways of traveling and it helps her clear her mind.

Nataly Vargas, Product Development Manager, and Onboarding Manager

NATALY - Product Development Manager, and Onboarding Manager

Nataly has worked in the BPO industry since she was 18 years old, almost 5 years ago she joined VirtuallyinCredible as a Bilingual agent and from day one, she showed exemplary performance. She has consistently exceeded the expectations of the Company and Clients representing our core values. She finds dedication and honesty to be the most valuable qualities for success.

Nat is also a very empathetic psychology student who loves reading, she truly believes you can learn something new everyday. And, for her, family always comes first.


NORHAINE - HR Admin Manager

Norhaine had over 10 years of operations and HR management experience mainly in the KPO and Education sector locally and overseas. She had extensive involvement with startup companies.

According to Norhaine, working with VI has been very rewarding as she gets to meet people from all walks of life and be involved in engagement initiatives.

She enjoys meditating, going for walks, trying out new food, and traveling.

VHINE - Recruitment Manager

VHINE - Recruitment Manager

Vhine has almost 10 years of experience in Human Resource Management focusing on recruitment and excellently handled 16 sites across the Philippines.

Vhine describes VirtuallyinCredible as a Company that values open communication, progress, and abundance and supports work-life balance and a family-oriented culture is the key to employee retention.

Vhine is able to work effectively with her team ensuring that we have enough people in our pipeline available to start and provide service to our clients anytime.

Vhine loves having deep conversations with her kids and the people around her. She’s also fond of blogging and singing.