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Property Managers Love Their Virtual Assistants

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Terra Residential

“Tina is doing an amazing job! We absolutely love having her on our team!“

- Dandi Finley

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Helen Painter
Property Management

“Rai is already a valued member of our team.” In less than 30 days from placement!

- Amy Brown

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"Jason is a rockstar... made our process more efficient and seem to really get it."

- Kelly Coffman

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Real Property

"Our team of VA’s have exceeded all expectations, and they are helping our office to get ready for growth."

- Amy Brown

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General Property
Management LLC

“Jean has been an excellent addition to the team.“

- Sam Hellman

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Virtual Assistant Live List

Watch as we walk you through the
key features of our live list of
virtual assistants to help you find
the perfect fit for your needs.

First NameVoice Recording LinkResumeSuggested/Ideal PositionHourly RateAverage Tenure
Longest Tenure
FannyVoice SampleDetailsGeneral PM$10.2536174Property Management VA, Executives Support, Admin
RonVoice SampleDetailsGeneral PM$10.259696Phone Support, Logistics, Data Analyst
HannaVoice SampleDetailsGeneral PM$10.25142142Client Relations, Customer Service, & Management
VielVoice SampleDetailsGeneral PM$10.25139139Quality Assurance & Verification Researcher
FredyVoice SampleDetailsBilingual General PM$10.2571168Tech Support & Customer Service
ChrisVoice SampleDetailsGeneral PM$10.2572101Quality Evaluator, Admin, & Management
AbbyVoice SampleDetailsGeneral PM$10.258484Customer Service, Client Relations, & Operations
MauriceVoice SampleDetailsGeneral PM$10.256191Technical Support, Admin, & AutoCAD
NelaineVoice SampleDetailsGeneral PM$10.254848Customer Service, Record Keeping, & Admin
AyraVoice SampleDetailsGeneral PM$10.254779Accounting, Collections, & Admin
AndreVoice SampleDetailsGeneral PM$10.255555Technical Support
JeffersonVoice SampleDetailsGeneral PM$10.254871Sales, Realestate Cold Caller, & Admin
KatVoice SampleDetailsGeneral PM$10.2542129Project Management, Video Editing, & Academe
RachelleVoice SampleDetailsGeneral PM$10.254196Lead Gen, General VA, & Quality Analyst
RomeoVoice SampleDetailsGeneral PM$10.2544122Customer Service & Management
DavidVoice SampleDetailsGeneral PM$10.254141Tech Support & Customer Service
ZyraVoice SampleDetailsGeneral PM$10.253636Customer Service, Admin, & Quality Analyst
PeterVoice SampleDetailsGeneral PM$10.254069Management & Sales
LouVoice SampleDetailsGeneral PM$10.253535Customer Service & Phone Support
MarjVoice SampleDetailsGeneral PM$10.253079Executive Assistant, Admin, & Customer Service
AceVoice SampleDetailsGeneral PM$10.253780Collection Specialist, Customer Service, & Graphic Designing
KevinVoice SampleDetailsGeneral PM$10.253232Customer Service & Management
JeanellaVoice SampleDetailsGeneral PM$10.253046Insurance Claims Associate & Customer Service
JohnVoice SampleDetailsGeneral PM$10.253054Fraud Analyst & Technical Support
JoyceVoice SampleDetailsGeneral PM$10.252545Customer Service & Management
AimeeVoice SampleDetailsGeneral PM$10.252779Worforce Analyst, Human Resource, & Customer Service
BillyVoice SampleDetailsGeneral PM$10.253030Project Management, Business Analyst, & Admin
FrancisVoice SampleDetailsGeneral PM$10.252951General VA, Management, & Proprosal Designer
KimVoice SampleDetailsGeneral PM$10.252780Customer Service & Admin Support
ColinVoice SampleDetailsGeneral PM$10.253196Academe, Admin, & Management
KayeVoice SampleDetailsGeneral PM$10.252587Customer Service, Executive, & Admin Support
VenVoice SampleDetailsGeneral PM$10.252844Data Encoder & Phone Support
BenVoice SampleDetailsGeneral PM$10.252868General VA, Accounting, & Social Media Management
JeremyVoice SampleDetailsGeneral PM$10.252964Admin VA, IT, & Phone Support
DaneVoice SampleDetailsGeneral PM$10.252958Property Consultant, Business Management, & Admin
HansVoice SampleDetailsGeneral PM$10.252638General VA, Customer Service, & Admin
MiguelVoice SampleDetailsGeneral PM$10.252653Customer Service & Phone Support
LouisVoice SampleDetailsGeneral PM$10.252638Customer Service & Admin
ElVoice SampleDetailsGeneral PM$10.252530Electronics Engineering, CAD, & Management
PaulVoice SampleDetailsGeneral PM$10.252437General VA, Digital Design and Marketing, & Customer Service
RoseVoice SampleDetailsGeneral PM$8.25148148Finance, Bookkeeping, & Admin
LadyVoice SampleDetailsGeneral PM$8.259970Sales, Customer Service, & Quality Analyst
JessicaVoice SampleDetailsGeneral PM$8.257676Customer Service & Admin
BeaVoice SampleDetailsGeneral PM$8.254958Academe & Quality Analyst
MargieVoice SampleDetailsGeneral PM$8.254770Compliance Officer, Human Resource, & Accounting
GladysVoice SampleDetailsGeneral PM$8.254791Data Analytics, Banking, & Customer Service
GensVoice SampleDetailsGeneral PM$8.252955Phone Support, Email Management, & Recordkeeping
JaneVoice SampleDetailsGeneral PM$8.254060Sales, Management, & Admin
RowenaVoice SampleDetailsGeneral PM$8.253340Customer Service, Sales, & Tech Support
FranceVoice SampleDetailsGeneral PM$8.253250Human Resource, Recruitment, & Finance
AileenVoice SampleDetailsGeneral PM$8.253252Customer Service Accounting, & Management
SolVoice SampleDetailsGeneral PM$8.2529122Admin, Payroll, & Social Media Management
LynVoice SampleDetailsGeneral PM$8.252736Customer Service & Tech Support
KavinVoice SampleDetailsGeneral PM$8.252750Customer Service & Management

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Low Start-Up Fee

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Free Replacement

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24/7 Call Center Support

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Direct Hire Option

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