Real Estate Video Tour Training

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Hear The Difference Video Training Made

Learn how Nick Hubers, a real estate broker in Minnesota, is using real estate video tours to grow his business thanks to TheVideoTourCoach's video tour training.

How can real estate video tours increase your business?

  • ONLINE SALES - Out-of-state buyers shopping online for a home sight unseen will choose you for the convenience of video walkthroughs.
  • MORE SHOWINGS - Your videos tours show homes 24/7 - without you!
  • FASTER SALES - Your listings will go under contract in HALF the number of showings.
  • MORE LISTINGS - Homeowners want a video tour of THEIR home!
  • SHARABLE MEDIA - Your videos can be linked to from Craig's List, your Facebook page, your website, in emails, and MORE.

You'll learn what cameras to buy, how to shoot a great unedited video tour,
then how to upload it to YouTube. It's super easy! You can do it!

Can anyone film a video tour?  - YES

My training series will teach you how to take your own unedited VIDEO TOURS, upload them to YouTube, and get them watched from Craigslist.

After you watch the tutorial videos, and take a few practice runs with a camcorder, you can easily film professional looking unedited video tours in minutes. You will learn how to film a property and upload your video to YouTube with no editing or professional help! It's point, shoot, upload and you're done!

Can't I just grab a camera and shoot without the training?

The video training will teach you how to film a home the right way the first time so you aren't wasting time reshooting properties. This method has been perfected from years of experience in filming video tours and countless costly lessons I learned.

Think you don't have time?

You can learn to produce an unedited home video tour in minutes. Investing a few minutes in shooting the film and uploading it to YouTube will allow you the benefit of getting that home into people's hands without your having to show it every time. That's SAVING you time.

Think it is too expensive?

A quality video tour can even be made with your smartphone. No fancy equipment or editing software is required or necessary.

Learn what the video mastery service can do for you here.

Let's make your real estate business virtually incredible TODAY!

Take your videos to the next level with OPTIMIZATION

A correctly optimized video can make all the difference in your video being found. Our team members are the experts in property management video optimization.