Think you can’t afford a property management leasing call center?

Call Center Services Can Be Expensive

That is what I used to think, too. After running a Property Management company myself for 30 years, I though the option of having others answer our leasing calls was just too pricy.

What Changed My Mind?

After discovering the number of leasing calls we were missing, we knew we needed help answering the phone. Take a look at the chart below and you will see how our Leasing Line Service compares with other answering services as well as property management specific answering services.

Leasing Line Service comparison chart

Find out how our low cost, no commitment leasing line service, tailored specifically for the property management industry, can help you.

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Congratulations to Melbourne Real Estate

Property Management Business of the Year 2015For the second year in a row, Melbourne Real Estate won the Property Management Business of the Year – Individual office.

The Real Estate Business Awards, an initiative of leading real estate news site Real Estate Business and partnered by Domain, are the only accolades open to every professional and real estate group across the industry.

Now in its third year, the Real Estate Business Awards recognize top performing individuals and groups across Australia’s real estate industry.

The Virtually Incredible Team congratulates Melbourne Real Estate on their continued success and recognition!

The ‘Old Faithful’ approach to getting more business from Google search

What does it mean to be a faithful videographer?

It means consistently shooting video tours of your vacancies and publishing them on your website.

“Erupt” into top positions in search.

Properly optimized videos added to your website can help increase your exposure as well as rank in search. This in turn leads to shortened vacancy times, happy owners, and referrals.

Take your video tours to the next step with our Video Mastery Service.

Our team not only will optimize the video to help with search, but so much more. Learn about all the benefits of this service by clicking the button below.

Congrats to the team at HoustonRPM for becoming a Certified Internet Videographer!

Home shoppers LOVE video walkthrough tours!

But every property manager who wants to shoot them knows these tours are ‘just outside of our comfort zone’…

Everything we want is just outside our comfort zone”
Robert Allen, The One Minute Millionaire: The Enlightened Way to Wealth

Houston RPM teamWhen the team at HoustonRPM decided it was time to master video, they rolled up their sleeves and got the job done – earning our Certified Internet Videographer which they now use to win more listings.

What did they do to earn this recognition?

The process is actually quite simple:

  1. Subscribe to VirtuallyinCredible’s Video Mastery Service
  2. Invest in the right video equipment as recommended by VI
  3. Watch some FREE online training on the proper techniques
  4. Shoot some video tours and then listen to our coaching to improve
  5. Watch their skills improve and earn the CIV in less than 90 days!

What’s the best thing to do with a CIV?

rpm-houston-youtubeUse it to win more business!

Check out and you’ll see how proudly they feature the CIV on the mainpage of their website.

Kim Goldston, Marketing Manager of HoustonRPM is delighted to see their website ranking so much better since they began shooting videos and hiring VirtuallyinCredible to optimize and edit all their videos.

We finally hit the top three on Google for ‘Houston Property Management’, and plan to keep shooting videos until we’re number #1. Todd was right – hiring VirtuallyinCredible was a guaranteed way to dominate YouTube, and Google too! The videos on our YouTube channel get 50-100 views and that’s helping us get better ranking on Google!”

Congrats again to Kim and the entire team at HoustonRPM!

Ready to bring video tours to your firm?

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Watch an example of one of their video tours!

Virtually inCredible Honors the 2014 Best of the Best

It isn’t every day that we get to honor the best among our excellent roster of property management clients. And so we willingly went through the process of selecting the winners—all because we really want to show our clients how important and appreciated their business has been to us through the years.

As founder and video coach extraordinaire Todd Breen always stresses in his talks and even on his much sought-after online video tour training courses, being able to market and manage your properties well should be the ultimate goal of every property management company—that is if they want to secure more clients and earn more money.

Video tours should not only be more informative, educational and engaging, they should also be able to attract and hold your viewers’ attention and be able to convert them to firm believers. Concocting marketing strategies in property management is not easy, but with enough creativity, you can succeed. That and if you have undergone VirtuallyinCredible’s online training.

The concept of doing video tours rather than physical tours is simple—the property manager shoots a video walk-through tour of the property and uploads the video on YouTube. Potential clients can just watch the video walk-through tours in the comfort of their homes. For owners, video tours are extremely valuable as they are able to see every nook and cranny of their property. And of course, the fact that owners, tenants, and property managers themselves get to save so much gas and travel time is another welcome bonus.

In addition, the beauty of using social media for business is that it is inexpensive, yet effective. Technology wields a lot of power and advantages that businesses can use, so why not use it for your own purposes?

With that being said, let us tell you a bit about the selection process we underwent to choose the best of the best. It wasn’t easy sorting through the nominees, so we based it on who have mastered the training the most and applied it to their video and inspection tours. We also considered who have utilized social media to their best advantage. And so without further ado, here are the winners and the categories they’ve dominated:

Best YouTube Channel


Most Improved Video Tours


Congratulations to the winners and here’s to more years of working with VirtuallyinCredible and more success!

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How many leasing calls do YOU take a day?

Leasing Line ServiceProperty Managers like us are busy people. We have to secure a listing, find the right tenant, manage properties, resolve disputes, and so much more that ‘busy’ becomes an understatement! With all the work we have to do, it’s no surprise that most of us, if not all–dislike answering leasing calls. Don’t you agree?

How many leasing calls do you take a day?

We love our customers; they’re good people simply looking for good homes. But let’s admit it, sometimes, answering the same questions for the same property a hundred times a day can drive us into a wall. So, could outsourcing leasing line and email lead services be the ultimate solution to this frustrating dilemma?

Why Outsourcing Leasing Line is the Solution

  • Because we need TIME to focus on more pressing matters!
    With all the things we are responsible for, we can’t keep glued to the phone and our computers answering leasing calls and replying to email leads. We just don’t have the time for it!
  • Because we need ALL LEADS COVERED!
    Every customer deserves the VIP treatment, but it is so easy to drop the ball, fail to respond in a timely manner, and leave the potential tenant feeling disregarded. They will just move on to call the next management office. This is not a good customer service and marketing strategy. This lack of attention inevitably effects our reputation and our chances of securing a tenant for our homes. (Learn more about the importance of reputation marketing)
  • Because we need to be MORE EFFICIENT!
    Out of the hundred of calls we get, only a handful will apply. To be efficient and effective in our roles, we only need details on these “hot leads.” Anything more is clutter in our inboxes and noise from our phones. With the right information, we can act accordingly and secure leads faster.
  • Because we need to avoid negative reviews about COMMUNICATION!
    A lot of Google+ users leave reviews that complain about poor communication and customer service from the company or its property managers. Missed calls, unreturned voicemails, and overlooked emails represent sloppy customer service that can get you a negative online review. Don’t risk it! You may lose a potentially great tenant who’s looking for a company with better ratings.

What we need is a dedicated, customer-oriented team that will stay on top of all our leasing interests and send us daily, weekly, or monthly reports on our leads. This is a critical aspect of the business and we need support. We deserve it.

Outsourcing leasing lines and email leads will lift the burden off of your shoulders and hand it over to a team willing and highly capable to handle it effectively. This team’s sole purpose is to take calls, schedule showings, and follow-up on hot leads until they apply. Won’t that be efficient?

So, let me ask you again: “How many leasing calls do you take a day?”

Tell me, do you still want to pick-up all those calls?