Using Video in Property Management

Real Estate Uncut

Earlier this month I did an interview with Real Estate Connect and discussed how I use video in my property management company. The usual barrier to entry for using video in Property Management is the thinking, “It is confusing and expensive, and I don’t know how to do it.” Why I started using video in […]

A Brief History of YouTube


An interesting look at the history of YouTube in an infographic below. A few of the staggering facts about today’s YouTube: 800 Million + Monthly Unique Visitors 72 Hours of video uploaded per minute #2 Search Engine 4 Billion hours of video viewed each month Are you on YouTube yet? What is stopping you?

Training Makes All the Difference in Real Estate Video Tours

iphone complete property management video system

Occasionally an article like “More Crappy Real Estate Video Tours” comes along and pokes fun at agents who are just trying to offer their clients more. Take a quick look at the video in the article. Real Estate Video Training Can Make All The Difference A little training and practice goes a long way. Agents […]

Will Adding a Video to the Main Page of my Website Help Grow my Business?

increase conversions

Will adding a company promotional video to my website increase conversion rates? This is a question I’m asked all the time. For the answer, let me share my personal experience. I added videos to both the main page and landing page of my West Palm Beach Property Management company website. The results? Conversions almost tripled. […]

Making The Apple Store Employees Drool

iPad 2 Movie Mount System with Wide Angle Lens

We are all used to going into tech stores and marveling at the newest products on display, but it isn’t often those behind the counter are more interested in what we have in our hands. This was the experience one of our customers had when he walked in with his video tour camera setup we […]

Samsung Galaxy Camera Review


Samsung Galaxy Camera Review for Use with Real Estate Video Tours The smartphone industry is forcing the camera industry to add some great features to their cameras. The exciting new features of the Samsung Galaxy Camera: WiFi Enabled – Allowing you to upload your video to YouTube on the fly now. Wide Angle Lens – […]

Congratulations to Ray White Bunbury on Multiple Awards


Top Property Management Office 2013 Top Property Manager 2012 – Katie Ryan Top Rookie Salesperson – Robert Dempster They are one of our Certified Internet Videographers, so we already knew they were great! Congratulations on being recognized for your hard work! Check out their website and YouTube channel below Ray White Bunbury

Creative Video – Standing Out in A Crowd


Being creative and different, although sometimes risky, can really help you stand out! Being entertaining can help you get what you want. Even a house! Well it worked for one young man in Melbourne who really had his heart set on a house only to find himself competing with 25 others for it. After being […]

YouTube Time Watched Analytics

YouTube Now Offers Time Watched Analytics Data

So why should you care about the YouTube Time Watched Analytics? YouTube Time Watched Analytics According to the YouTube Creator Blog, videos that capture the attention of viewers in a way that increases viewing time on YouTube are being rewarded in YouTube search. This is in addition to the changes they made in March of […]

How to Add a YouTube Video to Your Website


Add a YouTube video to your website with an embed code Step 1: Click the Share button Go to the YouTube video you want to embed on your site and click the “Share” button. Step 2: Click the Embed button Click the “Embed” button to open up the options. Step 3: Select a size and […]