How many leasing calls do YOU take a day?

Leasing Line ServiceProperty Managers like us are busy people. We have to secure a listing, find the right tenant, manage properties, resolve disputes, and so much more that ‘busy’ becomes an understatement! With all the work we have to do, it’s no surprise that most of us, if not all–dislike answering leasing calls. Don’t you agree?

How many leasing calls do you take a day?

We love our customers; they’re good people simply looking for good homes. But let’s admit it, sometimes, answering the same questions for the same property a hundred times a day can drive us into a wall. So, could outsourcing leasing line and email lead services be the ultimate solution to this frustrating dilemma?

Why Outsourcing Leasing Line is the Solution

  • Because we need TIME to focus on more pressing matters!
    With all the things we are responsible for, we can’t keep glued to the phone and our computers answering leasing calls and replying to email leads. We just don’t have the time for it!
  • Because we need ALL LEADS COVERED!
    Every customer deserves the VIP treatment, but it is so easy to drop the ball, fail to respond in a timely manner, and leave the potential tenant feeling disregarded. They will just move on to call the next management office. This is not a good customer service and marketing strategy. This lack of attention inevitably effects our reputation and our chances of securing a tenant for our homes. (Learn more about the importance of reputation marketing)
  • Because we need to be MORE EFFICIENT!
    Out of the hundred of calls we get, only a handful will apply. To be efficient and effective in our roles, we only need details on these “hot leads.” Anything more is clutter in our inboxes and noise from our phones. With the right information, we can act accordingly and secure leads faster.
  • Because we need to avoid negative reviews about COMMUNICATION!
    A lot of Google+ users leave reviews that complain about poor communication and customer service from the company or its property managers. Missed calls, unreturned voicemails, and overlooked emails represent sloppy customer service that can get you a negative online review. Don’t risk it! You may lose a potentially great tenant who’s looking for a company with better ratings.

What we need is a dedicated, customer-oriented team that will stay on top of all our leasing interests and send us daily, weekly, or monthly reports on our leads. This is a critical aspect of the business and we need support. We deserve it.

Outsourcing leasing lines and email leads will lift the burden off of your shoulders and hand it over to a team willing and highly capable to handle it effectively. This team’s sole purpose is to take calls, schedule showings, and follow-up on hot leads until they apply. Won’t that be efficient?

So, let me ask you again: “How many leasing calls do you take a day?”

Tell me, do you still want to pick-up all those calls?

What do Landlords see when they check you out online?

Reputation MarketingMeeting your company’s target monthly sales and profits is always the top priority. You invest in marketing materials, develop marketing strategies, and pay hundreds of dollars to be known as the ‘best property management company’ in your city. But, don’t you ever wonder if there’s an easier way to do this?

There is, and it’s so simple Property Managers almost always overlook it. It’s called Reputation Marketing. It’s when you leverage the most important thing in property management, which is your customer’s trust, and get reviews and impressions of your business to gain more leads.

Reputation Marketing is the game changer you need to achieve your profit goals.

Here’s why:

  1. More Positive Online Reviews = More Customers

    Studies show that products with higher online reviews are still preferred versus similar products with little, negative, or no reviews at all. Opinions matter–especially if they’re really good, or really bad. 90% of customers say buying decisions are influenced by positive online reviews, while 80% change their minds whenever they see negative reviews.

    The results of a Google Search on your company name–and the stars associated with it, can determine if an owner will even consider letting you manage their home. So, if you want them to trust you with their investment, your positive online reviews should show you’re worth receiving it.

  2. Free Marketing from your Customers

    A single positive review may not be ground-breaking, but a handful of positive reviews can offer your business benefits that simple marketing strategies can’t. Most marketing campaigns have a timeline, some are short-term, while others are long-term. However, reviews on your social media accounts like Google+ and Facebook are called micro marketing campaigns that keep on working long after the review has been posted, and it’s free! They constantly give your company a positive image, creating a smoother path to get those potential clients.

  3. Improve Your Website Ranking in Search Engines

    Online reviews can do more wonders than just creating a positive vibe between you and your customers. They also work toward improving your website rankings on search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, Bing, and more. The more positive reviews written about your business, the more credible you are in the eyes of search engines! This boosts you up in organic search results or the Google map pins.

Where do people click when searching online??

Google Heat Maps show that most people only look at three points in a google search result: the paid ads, the organic search results, and the Google+ pins.


The primary objective of Reputation Marketing is to use your old and current customers’ experience to gain new customers. In order to gain those new leads and customers, you need to establish a relationship with them. Of course, we all know that a basic foundation of a relationship is TRUST. Just remember to protect and enhance your company’s reputation, and all other things will fall right into places.

Why You Can’t Afford to Skip Video Tours – Webinar

do-not-skip-video-webinarIf you missed Todd Breen’s “Why You Can’t Afford to Skip Video Tours” presentation for Appfolio, you can watch the recap at Appfolio’s website here.

This webinar covers the benefits of video marketing including:

  • Cutting vacancy time and showings in half!
  • Increasing engagement and time spent on your site.
  • Going green! Cut down on pollution by driving less each year with less in person showings.
  • Attracting new owners by showcasing the powerful way you market their properties.
  • And more!

Ready to get started using video?

Get access to the FREE video training now

Why You Can’t Afford to Skip Video Tours in Property Management

If you missed the Appfolio Webinar on August 12th Featuring Todd Breen, you can watch it below:

I was excited to see that the percentage of people using video has greatly increased since we did a similar Webinar a few years ago.

Using Video Tours in Property Management Webinar Covers:

  • Best practices to shoot an engaging video tour
  • How to shop for inexpensive video gear
  • How to upload videos to YouTube and post on your website
  • Real world examples of video tours in action
  • And so much more…

Already using video tours?

Even if you are already using video tours in your property management company, watching this Webinar might spark some new ideas and rekindle your excitement over it once you remember all the advantages that video tours offer.

New to video tours?

Learn why property managers are excited about using video tours in their business. Then head on over to our FREE video training to start learning how to shoot these tours.

Appfolio Customer Conference 2014 Hands On Video Workshop

Appfolio Customer Conference 2014Todd Breen will be presenting a Hands On Video Workshop at the 2014 Appfolio Customer Conference.

Don’t miss this workshop where you will learn best practices for how to shoot a video walk-through tour that will make your properties stand out from the crowd.

When? Sun. September 14th – Tues. September 16th, 2014
Where? Fess Parker DoubleTree Hotel, 633 E. Cabrillo Blvd, Santa Barbara CA

A ‘hands on’ workshop where attendees bring their smart phone,tablet or video camera and learn how to:

  • get and use simple equipment available at apple store or online
  • walk with a video camera
  • talk – what to say and what not to say on video
  • shoot a room in a single pass
  • plan the route
  • prepare the property
  • shoot a video walk through tour (like the one above) in one clip, requiring no editing!
  • shoot a quick testimonial video from a happy tenant
  • shoot a property condition video
  • properly document property defects
  • upload video directly to YouTube from their smart camera
  • add their video tour to their APPFOLIO property listing! :)

This event was so popular as an optional ‘after hours’ session at a recent LPMNZ (leading property managers of new zealand) annual conference – over 90% of conference attendees stayed to attend vs going straight to the bar!

Click for full schedule and registration information

Get a little peek into last year’s Appfolio Customer Conference in the video below

Get More Google Reviews – How the Smart Mouse Finds the Cheese!

How Do I Get More Google Reviews?

To write a Google review requires a Google+ account, but not everyone has or wants a Google+ account. This is where we can shine! It’s our chance to be creative in asking the right person at the right time to create a review for us.

Give clear instructions on how to leave a review

How to Leave A Google Review InstructionsAnyone familiar with navigating around Google Plus pages will tell you it isn’t the most user-friendly experience, so you want to make this EASY. Most people just simply do not know HOW to leave a review.

A step-by-step instruction sheet made available on your website and/or via email in PDF can help make leaving a Google review very simple and reduce the frustration hurdle that hinders reviews.

Click image to see full size PDF of instructions

Incentivizing people to want to follow that instruction page will create Google reviews for you.


You’ve rented a brand new listing in 3 days.
Just rented google reviewThe person who listed the property personally tells the owner the good news! Then asks ‘it would mean a lot to me if you’d take a moment to write a google review for us. Can I send you some instructions, or take you out for coffee and we’ll get it done together?’

A tenant moves out and is waiting for their bond/deposit refund.
Cash photoTheir property manager calls them to say ‘thanks for leaving the property in such great shape! We loved having you as our resident. I wonder if we could help each other out. I’ve shot a video inspection of the property condition, and uploaded it to our company YouTube channel. You could share this link whenever you’re applying to rent elsewhere and use it to influence landlords to accept you, possibly even at a lower rent or deposit!? We normally take X days to refund your deposit, however if you’d be willing to bring your ipad to our office and let us help you write a google review while you’re here, I’d see about sending you off with your refund check early and a link to your video. How’s that sound?”

In the above examples, it’s crucial to note that only the person who personally knows the customer can ask for and expect a review. It’s a matter of social courtesy for the customer to then say ‘yes’. Also note that we’re asking them to write the review from their tablet or smart phone, or offering to drop by their home or work to assist them in writing the review from their computer. In this manner our reviews come from their computers – and that’s important.

Thank them for the review

Always reply to your reviews and don’t forget to thank them for taking the time to write it. Some companies even go so far as to send a $5 coffee gift certificate or similar as a token of appreciation. There are several ways to send things like this via an email with a coupon code.

Video Reviews are Great!

While you’re at it? This is a GREAT time to ask for a quick VIDEO REVIEW like this one, and use it to ‘decorate’ your website!

Folks the above video has over 400 views on our website. That’s a lot of influence.

Looking for fresh content to use at your next staff training meeting?

Use this article to kick off your “Google Review” contest

Explain the importance of Google reviews to your staff and how it brings in more business which is good for everyone. Announce a contest as an incentive for your staff. For example, the staff member who gets the most reviews in a 3 month period wins a day off at a local spa or golf course. Then watch YOUR reviews come in. :)

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